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Accurex™ automatic diagnostic

FALCON allows making immediate use of the benefits of condition based maintenance: the Accurex™ automatic diagnostic works instantly based on the first measurement. Faults detected are available right in front of the machine such enabling interaction with the user (bearing lubrication, temperature control…) and optimization of the maintenance process.Based on the ISO 10816 standard and on ONEPROD 30+ years of experience, FALCON’s built-in automatic diagnostic module provides unbeatably relevant and reliable results. Clearly identified, machines are presented with an overall risk assessment indicator to help the user prioritize his analysis on critical machines. Every fault detected is displayed with its severity, location on the machine, and confidence level

Measurement productivity

The wireless three-axis sensor and real-time processing capabilities literally cut times of vibration measurements: 8 seconds per bearing typical for measuring all X Y and Z directions with the highest quality set of vibration data. With the use of pictures, the machine identification among a route has never been so easy: the user navigates on FALCON’s large colorful touchscreen from the top view of the plant to the sensor position picture on the machine.

FALCON reduces the time and costs needed for on-site intervention to the absolute minimum. At the scale of a plant, FALCON really stands out.

 Reliability Engineering

FALCON packs in innovative features never previously seen in a single device:

Three-axis wireless sensor, taking simultaneous vibration measurements in all directions

4 Plane Balancer
Built-in strobe light for rotation speed measurement
Built in laser pyrometer for bearing temperature measurement
Built in camera for easy machine identification, sensor positioning, and report illustration
Embedded Accurex™ automatic diagnostic
4 analog channels for synchronous measurement, in addition to the trigger input


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