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Onsite testing by Vibtek engineers, detailed report of the measurements taken, with recommendations for repair and overall health of machinery:

Onsite Balancing of rotating machinery:

Acoem OneProd UK distibutor for Equipment sales:

Sales for SDT Ultrasound equipment and LubExpert, for acuurcate bearing lubrication:

Lubrication Engineers for onsite Lubrication Programs.

Structural measurements (vibration):

Consultancy within our specialised fields:

Proactive condition based maintenance programs


 Reliability Engineering

Tailored solutions and service concepts for proactive condition-based maintenance is a key factor in our deliveries. This includes a wide range of products and services in the field of preventive maintenance.

For optimised operation of rotating equipment and other machinery, we offer full-range delivery, including surveys, engineering, factory testing, training and support.

By identifying early signs of wear and tear and damage, it is possible to plan optimal maintenance thereby ensuring maximum uptime. All our service engineers are Vibration Analyst Certified to ISO Cat II or Cat III.

Optimised maintenance of machinery
Our systems are used for monitoring thrusters, gears, electric motors, generators, turbines, compressors, drilling top drives and other rotating equipment both onshore and offshore. Our engineers travel all over the world to install systems, perform routine measurements, analyse data and solve problems.

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